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Product Solutions and Applications
Product Solutions and Applications

Product Solutions and Applications

With a shift in health awareness and the growing maturity of market, people are getting to understand probiotics and affirm its positive effect on human health. Meanwhile, thanks to the development of science and technology, probiotics are more widely used in a diversified direction.

At IFF, we put science to work. With innovative ingredients and formulation support, we are helping manufacturers meet the needs of the increasingly health-conscious consumer. IFF provides the broadest range of strains in the industry that can be conveniently used in beverages, candies, dairy products, dietary supplements, frozen desserts, nutritional bars, nutritional drinks and formulas.

1. Probiotics Yoghurt

Probiotics yoghurt makes up the main products in the yoghurt category in recent years, not only keeping the flavor of the original product but also containing specific probiotics strains with health benefits. Lactobacillus acidophilusbifidobacterium and lactobacillus rhamnosus are the most commonly used probiotics. In Taiwan, there is a reduced fat yoghurt with real fruit containing three different probiotics of A, B, C (which stand forlactobacillus acidophilusbifidobacterium and lactobacillus casei, respectively).

2. Probiotics in Fresh Dairy Products

Fresh cheese, sour cream, fresh milk and butter are among the most common foods consumed by European and American families. These fresh foods contribute to the steady presence of probiotics. Additional probiotics further enhance their health claims. In Belgium, rich bifidobacterium is added into one kind of cream cheese.

3. Emphasizing the Number of Probiotics and Fermentation Features in Probiotics Fermented Milk

This kind of product places emphasis on the fermentation of probiotics strains. As well as obtaining enough probiotics, the product also focuses on the health feature of fermented products. In Japan,  a drink contains higher content of gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), produced under a method from a mixed culture of two specific probiotic strains, which may expand blood vessel and reduce blood pressure.

4. Probiotics Fruit and Vegetable Drinks

There are numerous probiotics fruit and vegetable juices in the market. They have a good shelf life and can be eaten fresh, which serves as a good medium to apply active probiotics. Probiotics have diversified range of applications including direct inoculation into juices, an ingredient in the form of fermentation broth, or fermenting fruits and vegetables to proliferate probiotics and provide special flavor and nutrition. In Austria, probiotics ingredients are added into sport drinks with hazelnut and creamy honey.

5. Probiotics Ice Cream

Ice cream and frozen yoghurt (yoghurt ice cream) with added probiotics endow traditional types of ice cream with healthier and fresher properties, which raises awareness of the products. The probiotics are stable and can stay alive due to the processing and storage of ice cream. In China, IFF and its business partner have further fostered the development of the ice cream category by introducing a new premium oatmeal ice cream bar containing three probiotics strains. In western Europe, probiotics ingredients are added into frozen yoghurt ice cream to provide health benefits.

6. Probiotics Baked Products

Biscuits, waffles, sandwiches and potato chips associated with probiotics represent a breakthrough in the innovative application of probiotics. In Germany, probiotic ingredients have been added to a new sandwich biscuits. They are filled with a yogurt cream containing lactobacillus acidophilus. In Spain, probiotics are added into potato chips. Consumers who indulge in such foods are in more need of gastrointestinal protection. The combination of probiotics and baked products can bring such benefits.

7. Probiotics Powder Drinks and Formulas

Probiotics can be maintained for long and stay alive when powder food is kept in an appropriate dry state and has certain packaging conditions. Food manufacturers have developed diversified pre- and probiotics products such as formula, cereal and powdered fruit beverages. In the U.S, a follow-up formula contains beneficial bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system for children. In Israel, a compound cereal provides daily intake of probiotics from breakfast.

8. Probiotics Candies and Chocolate

Chocolate is still regarded as a treat. However, being increasingly health-consciousness, consumers show more interest in healthy food and ingredients like probiotics. In addition to nutrition and flavor, the additional of probiotics or liquid fermented probiotics will bring health benefits to sweets and chocolate. In Japan, the yoghurt-flavor sweets are produced with lactobacillus fermented liquid. The fillings within the chocolate contain active bifidobacterium yogurt.

9. Pet Food and Animal Supplements with Added Probiotics

There are numerous microorganisms in the animal digestive tract, including beneficial and harmful bacteria. Micro-ecological preparation in the poultry industry has a long history. Nowadays, pet probiotics developed from micro-ecological preparation is more popular among pet owners and breeders. In the U.S., pet probiotics additives are developed to improve digestion and immunity. Daily food with added probiotics can reduce constipation and diarrhea.

10. Probiotics Health Products

Functional food and dietary supplements with added probiotics are accepted and popular among consumers. In terms of consumer segmentation, we see probiotics are applied to specific healthcare products to deliver specific health benefits. A global beauty and personal care company introduced a probiotics blend product specifically for women’s health. It supports digestive balance to help defecation and relieve the discomforts of bloating and gas.

11. Probiotics Health Products

Scientists and product researchers endeavor to explore the potential application of probiotics in new fields and bring real health benefits to consumers. In the oral health care arena, probiotics are added to mouthwash or toothpaste. Attaching probiotics to oral mucosa cells can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and keep the mouth clean. Moreover, scientists have found some bacteria can produce more specific proteolytic enzymes to remove aging skin cells. In addition, the fermentation of some probiotics can be used to produce active substances to stimulate the activity of epidermal cells. These concepts can be further applied to the development of cosmetics.

Filled with vitality, probiotics are a promising prospect. As the leading global researcher and producer of probiotics, we put science to work and customize HOWARU® premium probiotics into the end-products needed by increasingly health-conscious consumers.