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HOWARU® Shape 

Feel like yourself, while naturally trimming inches from your waist

HOWARU® Shape is an innovative probiotic solution proven to keep your waist trim without requiring changes to diet or exercise. In a study published in EBioMedicine, HOWARU®Shape (10B CFU B. lactis B420™ alone or in combination with 12g of prebiotic fiber Litesse® Ultra™
polydextrose) controlled body fat mass, trunk fat mass, waist circumference, and reduced energy intake in overweight and obese adults.

10B CFU | Bifidobacterium lactis B420™

Why choose HOWARU® Shape?

  • Controls waist circumference
  • Helps to reduce calorie intake
  • Controls body and trunk fat mass
  • Promotes an increase in Akkermansia which is linked to lean and healthy body weight

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